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Letter to Parents and Guardians with Transportation Privileges - Bus Mask Mandate

September 3, 2021

Dear Parents and Guardians with Transportation Privileges:

The New Jersey Department of Education issued guidance to school districts regarding school transportation, which includes the following language:

Masks must be worn by all passengers on buses, regardless of vaccination status per CDC’s Federal Order.

We are subject to, and required to observe this order.  Please be patient with, and respectful of the staff who are obligated to carry out this order.  Likewise, we have instructed the transportation staff members to be respectful of those who may not agree with this masking order.

The drivers and staff have been instructed to inform students and parents, if present, that masks are required, and provide masks to students who either forgot, or do not have one on their person at the time of boarding.

Under no circumstances will unaccompanied students be left alone at a bus stop. Those who refuse to comply will be transported to school although cases of mask refusal will be reported to the Principal who will deal with the situation under BOE policy.  

If a parent or guardian is present, the bus driver may ask the parent not to board the student, but if the situation becomes confrontational, the student will be handled as if unaccompanied and transported to school. 

Our goal is to make the district’s student transportation experience as safe as possible and your cooperation is much appreciated.

Very truly yours,

Mark Toback, Ed.D

Superintendent of Schools

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