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Chromebook Issues?

Chromebook Issues?

Is your child's chromebook not working properly?  Glitching, turning off randomly, not connecting properly to the internet, saying normal pages are restricted?

Your child probably has games in their apps or extensions. 

Specifically, there is a game called 2048, and another called Tetrys, that are causing LARGE numbers of our students' chromebooks to malfunction.  Here's the easy fix: delete the game extensions and apps

How to delete extensions/apps:

1. Sign into your computer, and open Chrome
2. On the top right, click on the three dots.
3. Scroll down to "MORE TOOLS" and click on "Extensions"
4. DELETE 2048, Tetrys, Tetris, Doodlejump, and any other games (ALL of them have the potential to wreak havoc on Chromebooks, but 2048 and Tetrys are the biggest culprits we see).
If this doesn't fix your issue, please bring the ChromeBook to Mrs. Caldwell in the library during the day for repairs.  Thank-you!