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Wayne Alliance The Wayne Alliance for the Prevention of Substance Abuse, a volunteer organization, works diligently to present educational events and programs focused on the prevention of substance abuse for the children and residents of Wayne.


We’ve all heard about Substance Abuse, but many of us don’t think it will actually impact our own lives.   Some of our volunteers have learned personally, right here in Wayne, that Substance Abuse knows no boundaries, age group or discrimination.


Programs like B.A.B.E.S. and Life Skills are two examples that equip our children with valuable tools used in developing a confident and resilient character with the ability to make healthy decisions as well as recognize and form positive relationships with their peers.


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Talking Tips for Parents:


Here are some Key Findings* and the reason the Alliance members continue to work together fighting substance abuse.  (provided by the Partnership for Drug-Free Kids


90 percent

90 percent of addictions start in the teen years.

*2012 CASA Columbia



Prescription medicines are now the most commonly abused drugs among 12 to 13 year olds.

*NSDUH 2012



10 million young people (12 to 29 year olds) in America are in current need of treatment for substance abuse and addiction.

*NSDUH 2012



More Americans die from drug overdoses than in car crashes, and this increasing trend is driven by Rx painkillers.





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