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Pines Lake Safety Procedures and Protocols



Pines Lake Safety Procedures and Protocols

Pines Lake Elementary School is committed to ensuring the health of every child.  Please read the following protocols and procedures that are in place to help minimize the spread of illness.

- Multiple times every day, students are reminded to wash their hands to help prevent the spread of any disease.  Students are reminded to use soap and warm water.

- Mrs. Napolitano, the school nurse, has visited every class to demonstrate proper handwashing techniques throughout the year and to stress the importance of keeping hands away from the "T-Zone" on their faces.  This is the area of the eyes, nose, and mouth where germs can enter the body.  

- The School's Custodial Staff has been conducting rigorous cleanings of classrooms and common areas to help limit the spread of any germs.  Today, the school is undergoing thorough disinfection to help combat the spread of any disease.

- The District's Maintenance Team has been cleaning and spraying playground equipment and common outdoor spaces to help minimize the spread of any germs.

- There are two hand-sanitizing stations in the cafeteria. Students are directed to use before they begin to eat their lunch.  These stations are supervised by the Playground Aids to ensure students' safety.  

- Additional hand-sanitizing stations have been placed by the Front Office, 2nd and 3rd Grade Hallway, and 4th and 5th Grade Hallway.  Students in Kindergarten and 1st Grade can use the hand-sanitizing stations in the Cafeteria.  

- Ms. Napolitano follows district procedures for children who are sick.  Parents are encouraged to keep their children home if they are not feeling well.  Parents will be contacted by the school nurse if they have any symptoms of illness. 


Thank you for your continual support.  


Jose Celis