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Letter from the Superintendent - Coronavirus Update - March 9, 2020

March 9, 2020

Dear WTPS Families and Staff:

On Friday, March 6th you received an update regarding the need to close school on Friday, March 13th to prepare for a possible health-related shutdown.  Included with that message was information about cleaning that would take place and some have expressed concerns about the possible use of extraordinarily powerful cleaning agents to achieve this goal.  I am writing to clarify that there are no plans to use anything other than the same disinfectant that is already in use in the Wayne Township Public Schools for a number of years.  Our goal is to continue to use a disinfectant that is effective in controlling the spread of Coronavirus and other communicable diseases.  

On Friday, March 13th we will complete an extensive cleaning of our buildings and we are bringing in additional staffing focused on this effort.  The disinfecting will involve carpets, all hard surfaces including floors and walls, and we will continue to disinfect all “touch spots” like chairs, desks, railings, bathroom fixtures, doorknobs, phones, office equipment, and keyboards.  You should also know that the district has been operating with additional cleaning efforts for “touch spots” and common areas and we are now cleaning playground equipment daily.  

This past weekend, the entire bus fleet was disinfected and new hand sanitizer distribution units were installed across the district in common areas containing a 70% alcohol foam.  The hand sanitizer change was necessary because previously the district was using a non-alcohol based foam that is not effective in combating the Coronavirus.

If you have any questions or concerns, please write back at

Yours truly,

Mark Toback, Ed.D.

Superintendent of Schools

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