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Important Message

Dear Members of the WTPS Community,

Beginning Monday, March 16th, the Wayne Township Public Schools will be operating on a different schedule due to the Coronavirus outbreak. We will hold a scheduled minimal day on Monday and then we will be closed for two emergency days.  After that, we will be following a distance learning model for an extended period of time up until spring break. Students will return home after classes on Monday and all extracurricular activities will be suspended during this time period.  Our greatest hope is that we will be able to resume classes on April 13th.  

This decision was not made lightly and was based on the Centers for Disease Control guidance regarding Coronavirus and concern for our students, staff and community members noting that most of the schools in our area are also closing starting next week.  

We will continue to provide updates on our new Coronavirus Update Center website.  All of our previous communication and resources can be found here too.  This site can be accessed on our Wayne Schools website homepage.


Mark Toback


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March 16th - Monday

Minimal Day Schedule for Students and Staff

March 17th - Tuesday

Emergency Day - Schools Closed

March 18th - Wednesday

Emergency Day- Schools Closed

March 19th - Thursday

Distance Learning

March 20th - Friday

Distance Learning

March 23 - 27

Distance Learning

March 30 - April 3

Distance Learning

April 6 - 10

Spring Break


* Please refer to the district calendar.  This schedule will use our final two emergency days