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WTPS Phase V Parent Survey and New FAQs

March 5, 2021

Dear Parents and Guardians:

Last night, the Board of Education and the community heard a proposal from the administration regarding the next phase (Phase V) of our school reopening plan. Click HERE to view the proposal and click HERE to read the accompanying FAQ. The intent is to bring a finalized version of the Phase V Plan back to the Board of Education during the March 18th meeting after hearing additional public feedback. Some of the feedback is being gathered by email and through public comment, but we want to hear from all of our parents. We are asking all parents to complete a brief survey for each child in the school system. The survey results will then be compiled and shared with the community.  This survey's timeline is relatively short, and it will close at 4 PM on Friday, March 12th.

According to Governor Murphy, as of March 1st, 83% of New Jersey Public Schools operate with either fully virtual or hybrid instructional models. Like most school districts in New Jersey, Wayne is following a hybrid instructional model while seeking a pathway forward to allow for more in-person instruction for parents seeking that option for their children. While we can all agree that we want everything to return to normal as quickly as possible, we recognize differing beliefs about how this can be best achieved in our school system.

Our District faces a challenge because no plan can fully satisfy all school community members. We recognize the voices of those parents who would like to see a full return of all students as quickly as possible. However, the District must also be attentive to the 22% of our elementary students, 35% of middle school students, and 60% of high school students whose parents have opted to have their children attend school virtually. Finally, we must consider the possibility that many of our parents may be comfortable with the current hybrid model. This situation is further complicated by the fact that with some decisions, accommodating one group of parents means detracting from other parent groups.  

As you can recognize, your participation in this survey is essential. Please review the Phase V Proposal and the FAQ, and then please complete the survey. Click HERE to complete the survey.  Click here to view the complete letter.


Mark Toback

Superintendent of Schools