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A Message from Mrs. Bongiovanni, School Nurse

⇒ Emergency Card ~ click here to access the Emergency Card.  Please complete this form when any changes/updates are needed & send it in to Mrs. Bongiovanni with your child.
⇒ Dismissal Form ~ (update coming) should you need to update your child's dismissal information.  Please complete the form then forward to the teacher.
⇒ Absence/Tardy Calls ~ All calls for absences and tardies should be left on the Attendance line.  Requests for homework should not be left here and will be filled by the teacher according to 'Request for Homework'  form filled out at the start of the school year.

⇒ Missed calls from the school ~  If you have a missed call from the school kindly check for a message before calling the school back.  This will narrow down who called and for what reason.

⇒ Changes in pick up ~ Please email the teacher, Abongiovanni (nurse) and Phassert (school secretary) BY NOON. This will ensure the message is given to your child prior to dismissal. 
Safeguarding childrens HealthWhen is it 'ok' for a student to return to school after illness?  Please 'click here'  to view the guidelines.