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Pines Lake Murals

Take a look at our wonderful Pines Lake murals.  These pieces of art remind students of the wonder of learning, the importance of accepting oneself, and the strength that we derive from our community.  


Cougar Country

Our largest mural in our front hallway welcomes guests, students, and staff to our building.  Outlined by the words "We Are" and "Determined," other adjectives describing Pines Lake students fill this space.  


We are all wild things!

Honoring Maurice Sendak's 1964 Caldecott Medal-winning book, Where the Wild Things Are, our Kindergarten and First Grade students are reminded that hope, fear, adventure, and wild are all attributes that we possess at Pines Lake.


Our Legacy is in our Diversity

One of our most colorful and unique murals at Pines Lake reminds us that our beauty and strength, our past and future lies in our diversity.  Students' and staffs' hands were used to make the leaves of our tree, making this mural one of a kind.


Training the Mind to Think

Albert Einstein reminds students that education is about training the mind to think critically about the world around us.  It is about finding creative solutions to the problems that affect our world.  


Love Grow Serve

A central tenent at Pines Lake is that our community is built on a promise to love each other, to grow as a community, and to serve one another. 


Those things that are best!

In English, TA GARISTA, means "Those things that are best."  As students engage in learning at Pines Lake, they are constantly reminded to think about, to invest in, and to commit to "those things that are best."  


Wisdom Begins in Wonder

Wonder is defined as a feeling of surprise mingled with admiration, caused by something beautiful, unexpected, unfamiliar, or inexplicable.  Socrates reminds us that when we are filled with wonder, we develop knowledge that we will value our whole lives. 


Welcome to our Library

Welcoming students to the library, this Jorge Luis Borges quote reminds students that the library is a magical place in our building.


Do Something

Pines Lake inspires students to remember that every student has a story worthy to tell and that these stories are worthy to be read by others.   



Requested by the 4th grade team, this quote is taken from the inspirational book by R.J. Palacio, Wonder.  As a community, we are striving to have a revolution of values, where individuals are valued for who they are.  


Be yourself

Pines Lake School is dedicated to helping every child find their true self and to be proud of that identity.   


Sieze the Day

As students walk our hallways, they are reminded to "Seize the Day" and make it count as they read this Latin phrase.