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Pines Lake School Goals

Goal 1: Inclusion

Pines Lake School believes that we have the responsiblity to create an inclusive school environment for all students, while intentionally and thoughtfully modeling and providing opportunities for all students to develop and engage in meaningful and equal relationships with their peers.  


Goal 2: Implementation

Pines Lake School believes that students should develop a love for learning, the ability to ask meaningful questions, think critically and problem solve, and the skills to communicate original ideas to their community through our instructional programs.


Goal 3: Collaboration

Pines Lake School believes that we are more effective as educators when we work collaboratively and are focused on student outcomes (social, emotional, and academic).  Teaming will provide us the opportunity to share resources and expertise across different areas, and align our work to maximize our efforts.


Goal 4: Celebration

Pines Lake School believes that a focus on positive behaviors, celebrating respect, responsibility, and empathy, while communicating and reinforcing expectations is essential to create the ideal learning environment for all our children.