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Parent Information

Dear Pines Lake Community,

I wanted to share the following information with you as we prepare for the start of a new school year.  I also want to thank the amazing teachers and staff at Pines Lake who have been working hard to ensure that we have a successful start to this new school year.
Please watch the following video with your child to prepare them for their first day at Pines Lake.  Thank you Mr. Easse for your amazing filming and editing skills.
School Day/Daily Schedule:
  • Students can enter the building starting at 8:45 AM.  The Official School Day is from 8:50- 1:45 PM.  Students will be marked late if they arrive after 8:50 AM.  Class meetings for all students will begin at 8:50 AM. 
  • Please be sure to complete the Daily Health Screening in OnCourse every morning.  Students will not be permitted into the classroom if this is not done.  They will have to wait in the Cafeteria until the screening has been completed by a parent or the school nurse.
  • Your child's homeroom teacher will share their daily schedule with you.  This schedule will include times for synchronous (live streaming) and asynchronous learning.  Teachers will include their Wednesday schedule as well.
  • Students will be asked to complete their Specials (Art, Music, PE, Media) activities between 1:45 and 3:30 PM.
  • Teachers have daily "Office Hours" from 2:00-2:30 daily.  Teachers will be able to work with students once all students have been picked up from school.  
  • Students will keep their backpack and coat with them at their desks.  Students will need their Chromebook, classroom supplies, and other books/resources in their backpacks.  Students will not be allowed to store any materials at school.
  • Students will have a 30-minute "Snack/Activity" time during their school day.  Students will go outside and be allowed to remove their masks during this time.  Please send your child with a healthy, substantial snack and towel or blanket.  Cafeteria/Playground Aides will supervise the students during this time.
  • During Remote Instruction, please help create an ideal learning environment for your child.  A solid, flat surface that is free from distractions is ideal.  It is also important that you are available to help with any technical issues or support they may need during the school day.
  • Please know that during the first two weeks of school, teacher activities may vary.  During this time teachers are working on establishing procedures, routines, and expectations with the students.  In addition, teachers will be working on building a classroom community with all their students.  
Arrival and Dismissal Procedures:
  • Students will be entering and leaving through separate doors this year. 
    • Kindergarten and 1st-grade students will be entering and leaving through their classroom exterior doors.  During inclement weather, students will enter and exit the building through Door 9.
      • Cangialosi- 20
      • Paterson- 21
      • Sosnov- 23
      • Grosso- 24
      • McClure- 25
      • Fitzgibbon/Grunstra- 26
      • Christein- 27
    • 2nd Grade- Door 3
    • 3rd Grade- Door 4
    • 4th Grade- Door 5
    • 5th Grade- Door 6
  • Students will be taken to Aftercare or their Buses by their teachers at the end of the day.  
Universal Precautions
  • Students must wear a cloth face mask during the school day.  Gaiters are not acceptable forms of face coverings. 
  • Staff will model appropriate hand-washing practices and reminding students to wash their hands regularly.  Students will wash their hands when they come into school, before and after Snack/Activity time, and before and after they use the restroom.
  • Every classroom has a Hand Sanitizer station.  Students will be reminded to use the hand sanitizer when hand washing is not possible.
  • The school has Air Scrubbers located throughout the building circulating and cleaning the air that is in the school.   Teachers are encouraged to keep their windows and doors open to bring in fresh air from the outside.  
  • Bathroom monitors will be stationed near the bathrooms.  Only one student will be allowed to use the bathroom at a time.  Students will be reminded to wash their hands before and after using the bathroom.
  • If a student is sick at school and the school nurse believes the child must be quarantined, they will be moved to our Quarantine Room until a parent can pick them up.  There is an electrostatic air purifier in the room to clean the air.
  • On Wednesdays, the custodial staff will perform a deep cleaning of the building in preparation for Cohort B.
  • Paraprofessionals will be given additional PPE to protect them and our students.
  • Water fountains are currently shut off.  Touchless water filling stations are working.  Please send your child to school with a water bottle.  
  • Students will be given a snack break during the school day.  Sodexo will be selling snacks to children who do not have one.
  • Grab and Go lunches will be provided to students before dismissal.  Students will not be able to eat these lunches on the school bus.  Please visit the Food Services Site for more information (Food Services).
  • All students will be offered a District Chromebook.  District Chromebooks are configured to connect to our secure server.  Students who opt to bring in their personal devices will be able to connect to the guest server.
  • Teachers will be using Google Classroom and Google Meet this year.  
  • Student Chromebook Login (Local Studen  You can find your child's password in OnCourse under Network Password.  Please email your child's homeroom teacher if you need help with this process.  
School Supplies
  • All students need to purchase all the classroom supplies.  Teachers will count on students to have these supplies available to complete classroom activities.  
  • School supplies, books, and Chromebook will be used at school and at home.  Please be sure that your child brings their Chromebook to school every day.  Also, please make sure your student charges their device the night before.
  • GATES (Gifted and Talented) programming will be offered to students who qualify for the program.  More information regarding selection procedures will be shared with parents.  
  • Chorus, Band, and Windows Art will also be offered to students.  More information will be shared with parents at a later date.
  • Please review the Family Guide for additional information from the District.