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District Administrators Collective Resume

Collective Resume
The Wayne Township Public Schools administrative team convened for their annual retreat on August 15, 2022. A “collective resume” showcasing their combined credentials and highlighting their collective influence was created for each level. The district is fortunate to have such a talented administrative team. Read their qualifications below or see the presentation.
The Elementary Administrators
Years in Education = 311
Degrees = 39
Grades Taught = Prek-12, Higher Ed
Subject Area Degrees = Early Childhood Education, English, Spanish, Music, Math, Elementary Education,Business, Educational Leadership,Science, G&T, Curriculum & Instruction, Health & Physical Education, ESL Bilingual, Special Education, Social Studies, Sociology, Theological Studies, Public Policy
Strengths and Skills = Empathetic, Perceptive, Diligent, Supportive, Listener, Logical, Relationship Builder, Inclusive, Understanding, Reflective, Patient, Creative, Big Picture, Dedicated, Generous, Engaged, Technical Skills, Positive, Courageous, Passionate, Accessible, Adaptable, Visionary.
The Secondary Administrators
Years in Education = 401
Degrees = 50
Grades Taught = Prek-21
Subject Area Degrees = Administration, Math, English, Media, Supervision, Special Education, Chemistry, Biology, ESL, Elementary Education, Counseling, Health & Physical Education, LDTC, History, Business, Reading, Psychology
Strengths and Skills = Empathetic, Patient, Humor, Persistence, Caring, Composure, Spreadsheets, Listener, Solution Seeking, Survivor, Composure, See the Opportunities