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2022-2023 Calendar Update



The Board of Education adopted a 2022-2023 calendar, which incorporated four emergency days, with June 6th (election day) scheduled as a minimal day. However, we only used one emergency day based on the unusually mild winter weather. This leaves three emergency days to be added to the calendar so that the school year ends as scheduled.


Based on a new law, we cannot provide police coverage on election day for schools that are polling locations. In response to student and staff safety concerns, the Board of Education approved a district-wide school closure on June 6th using one emergency day.


The remaining two unused emergency days will be added to Memorial Day weekend. We will use the last two emergency days to close the schools on Friday, May 26th, and Tuesday, May 30th, as long as we do not need them for some other type of emergency.  Click here to read the full announcement.


Click here for updated 2022-2023 school calendar.