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WTPS Foodservices: PHASE V PLAN

Wayne Public School’s Return to School Plan Phase 5 begins on Monday April 19, 2021. This letter is to help the school community understand what the Wayne Schools foodservices team is offering to every student. The Phase 5 plan will expand the secondary school’s (Middle & High Schools) day to a full day schedule by cohort with a lunch period. For elementary schools, the k-2 cohorts will be eliminated on 4/19 and the 3-5 cohorts will be eliminated on 4/26.  Elementary school dismissal will remain at 1:45pm without a lunch period. Wayne Schools is approved until the end of June 2021 to serve free breakfast and free lunch to every student in the district.

The Preakness Early Childhood Center and Elementary schools will still have the option to preorder their lunches each week to be delivered to the classroom at dismissal. The preorder lunch site is open every week starting on Wednesday at 5pm and closes on Sunday by 4pm for the upcoming week. The site link can be found on the district website’s Foodservice Page. (click on the Fork & Knife on right side) or copy & paste in your browser

The students attending in person instruction at the Secondary Schools (Middle & High Schools) do not have to preorder their lunch. The Foodservices Team is planning to feed every student the free lunch that will distributed during the lunch period. We will follow the school menu that is posted online. The lunches will be prepared in a safe kitchen and individually packaged for service. If you do not want your child(ren) to receive the free lunch during the school lunch period: Please complete the slip at the bottom and bring it to their school cafeteria before or at lunch time.

Any student that is staying home for all Virtual Learning can continue to preorder the weekly meal packs on line(see details above) or contact the foodservice office to sign up until June 30, 2021.

Please contact the foodservice office at 973-317-2239 with any questions or more information on the services offered.

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