Wayne Township Public School District Wide Event Calendar

2022-2023 Accessibility Calendar

  • 2022-2023 Accessibility Calendar

    July 4: 4th of July Observance
    August 15 to August 25: Class Room Set Up 
    August 15-19: Black-Out - No Staff Vacations

    August 17-19: New Employee Orientation
    September 1-2: Full Staff Inservice Days
    September 5: Labor Day
    September 26-27: Rosh Hashanah-Schools Closed
    October 5: Yom Kippur-Schools Closed
    November 8: Full Staff Inservice Day-Students Off
    November 10-11: NJEA Convention - Schools Closed
    November 23: Minimal Day - Start of Thanksgiving Holiday
    November 24-25: Thanksgiving Holiday-Schools Closed
    December 7-8: Elementary Minimal Day-Parent Conferences
    December 23: Minimal Day-Start of Holiday Recess
    December 26-30: Holiday Recess
    January 16: Martin Luther King, Jr. Day-Schools Closed
    February 17-20: Winter Recess-Schools Closed
    April 3-6: Spring Recess-Schools Closed
    April 7: Good Friday-Schools Closed
    April 21: Eid al-Fitr-Schools Closed**
    May 29: Memorial Day-Schools Closed

    June 6**:Election Day-Minimal Day
    June 15-16, 19: High School Minimal Days/Final Exams
    June 20: Minimal Day for all Students
    June 21: Minimal Day-LAST DAY FOR ALL STUDENTS
    June 22: Staff Inservice Day-Last Day for Teachers-Minimal Day

    Professional Development: Full Staff Inservice Days: 9/1-2; 11/8;6/21

    **The June 2023 Primary Election Day has not been finalized. Once established, this date may change.

    The high school graduation date is set for June 21, 2023.

    ***Wayne Township Public Schools made every attempt to ensure the accuracy of dates identified as holidays.  The information has been verified through the use of various sources including the New Jersey Department of Education List of Religious Holidays.  Changes may be made based on the lunar calendar.

    BOE APPROVED: 1/20/22 and revised 7/14/2022

    4 Unused Emergency Days - Schools Closed
    4 unused emergency days: May 25, 26, 30, and May 31
    3 unused emergency days: May 25, 26, and May 30
    2 unused emergency days: May 26 and May 30
    1 unused emergency days: May 26

    *Make-up Emergency Days - Schools Open 
    If more than the allotted 4 emergency days are used, school will be in session on the following make-up days:
    *If one additional day is needed: April 3
    *If two additional days are needed: April 3 and 4
    *If three additional days are needed: April 3, 4, and 5
    *If four additional days are needed: April 3, 4, 5, and 6

    Plans that cannot be changed should not be made without taking this calendar into consideration.


      2022-2023 WTPS Calendar


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