Mission Statement

      • Mission Statement

        Wayne Township Public School District is strengthened by the collective efforts of its community to raise informed, inquisitive and compassionate members of society. We are committed to delivering a culturally responsive, critically engaging curriculum for students of all backgrounds. We provide instruction that is academically rigorous and affirms the humanity and dignity of all learners. We are dedicated to a constant evaluation of our current systems and policies and enact necessary changes to ensure equity and opportunity for all. Under the guiding principle that education is a human right, we provide students with equitable access to education that empowers them to positively engage in our democratic society and contribute to the global community.

      District Overview

      • Wayne Township

      • Wayne Township Public Schools

      • Preakness Early Childhood Center

      • Elementary Schools Grades K-5

      • Middle School Grades 6-8

      • High Schools Grades 9-12

      • Special Education K-12

      District Goals

      District Fast Facts & Stats

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