Registration (New Student)

2024-2025 Kindergarten & New 1st Grade Student Registration

Registration for kindergarten and new first grade students for the 2024-2025 school year is now open. Only a parent or guardian may enroll the child. Any resident students registering for September entry will receive placement.

Please have all required documentation ready prior to completing the online form, and keep all documents handy as they will need to be verified by your building. The online registration process must be completed before your school will reach out to you with instructions about the next steps in the process. Please allow 5 business days for an email or phone call from your building secretary. 

Read the full Press Release on 2024-2025 School Year Registration for Kindergarten and New First Grade Students

Kindly read ALL the information on this page before beginning the process.

  1. Click on the appropriate grade category to the right for more registration information.

  2. Follow the Registration Steps to complete the process.

Registration Steps

Step 1 - Residency Verification

According to the Wayne Board of Education Residency Policy, all students must show proof of residency by providing the appropriate forms. (See the list of District Acceptable Residency Documents.) 
*You will need to upload pdf or scanned copies of the required documents during the online portion of the registration process.

Step 2 - Mandatory Form

Print and complete the following mandatory form prior to beginning the online portion.
*You will need to upload a pdf or scanned copy of this required document during the online portion of the registration process.

Step 3 - Online Registration

The below information is MANDATORY to complete the online portion.
*You will need to upload pdf or scanned copies of the required documents during the online portion of the registration process.

  • Name of Resident School (Click the InfoFinder to find your school.)

  • Parent/Guardian and Emergency Contacts Information - Three Emergency Contacts with at least one phone number listed are REQUIRED for every student in the district. *Note that each parent/guardian/emergency account MUST also have a distinct email address (an email address cannot be used for multiple contacts).

  • Parent/Guardian Identification (*upload) A passport or valid driver's license. 

  • Proof of Residency - 3 documents needed (*upload): Registration List of Acceptable DocumentsYour Deed or Lease must be one of these documents as well as an Affadavit More clarification on the needed affidavit information is located under Residency Documents) if applicable. Note that the first page and full signature page of Deed or Lease must be sent.

  • Child's Identification (*upload)A birth certificate or passport.

  • Child's Doctor Information

  • Child's Insurance Information

  • Child's completed (*upload): Language Survey

  • Child's current IEP (*upload): If applicable

Once you have gathered the above information, visit the Registration Portal link. Choose the correct school year, depending on when your child will start. An incorrect school year will be discarded and you will need to begin the online registration process again.
*Please note that even if you have a child already enrolled in the district, you will still need to go to the Registration Portal for a new link.
**Also note that this online portion of the process must be done on a computer, not a phone or tablet.

Step 4 - Finalization Of Online Registration

Your student's school must FINALIZE your student's registration. After you have SUBMITTED your student's online registration form, you will receive an email or phone call from the school office to discuss and finalize the registration. If you are missing documents, your secretary will discuss how to go back and upload them to your child's online registration. Please allow 5 business days for an email or phone call from your building secretary. 

Please note: Your child's registration will not be completed until ALL the residency documentation and other required forms have been submitted and approved, and you have received an email or phone call from the school office notifying you of registration finalization.

If you need to reach out to your building, please submit a Let's Talk. Make sure to select your correct school building and then send your message.

Step 5 - Mandatory Health Services Forms

After your building secretary has finalized your student's online registration, you will be asked to print out and/or prepare the 4 (5, if applicable) MANDATORY medical documents listed below for submission to the building Nurse. PLEASE DO NOT SUBMIT MEDICAL HEALTH SERVICES FORMS UNTIL ASKED TO DO SO.

The School Nurse will contact you to finalize and approve your submissions.  ALL medical documentation must be received by the School Nurse prior to your child’s attendance at school. 
Please note: If the forms below are not received and approved, your child will NOT be permitted to attend school

*If your child is ineligible to receive a new physical exam due to insurance restrictions, a physical exam performed within 365 days of registering will be accepted (please have the doctor complete the  WTPS PE Form below). You will also need to provide a copy of an appointment slip for the next scheduled physical exam if the exam will be older than 365 days at the time of school  entry in September.

Step 6 - Mandatory New Jersey State Student Transfer Card

For students transferring from another New Jersey School to Wayne Township Public Schools: the Student Transfer Card (click here) is REQUIRED by the state of NJ to be completed by the transferring school (for all students entering grades 1 through 12) and sent directly to the student's new school. The card must be sent the first day after the student's last date of attendance. Your student is not allowed to be registered in two New Jersey schools at the same time and will not be able to attend WTPS without this document.


Please contact your school with any questions. Click for a list of WTPS schools and registration contacts.